Jonathan Tibbetts

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Occupation: General Manager

Place of Employment: Cayman Brac Power & Light Co. Ltd.

imagePersonal details: Married 12/28/96
Four Sons.

What concerns/issues do you believe our youth are struggling with most?
Their sense of hopelessness and helplessness
Speaking topics:

  • Exuding Confidence in the 21st Century
  • Being 'That Someone'
  • 3D’s for Success – Dedication, Determination and Discipline

What would you tell the youth of Cayman today if you had a microphone in your hand and 60 seconds?

"There is no reason for you to think that anything is out of your reach.  The possibility to achieve is within your ability.  Your past doesn’t determine your future but should be used as a guide in your decisions.  Within each of you there is a passion.  There is something that you love to do, I challenge you to find that love, grow it and use it to make a difference in everything you can.  Remember that your character is who you are.  Your commitment is how you apply who you are and your confidence will determine who listens."

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