Marilyn Conolly

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Occupation: Consultant – Self employed

Place of Employment: Innotiva Consulting (Managing Director)

imagePersonal details: Married; Three children

What concerns/issues do you believe our youth are struggling with most?

A lack of self love and hope.  Insecurity and no clear, healthy sense of self.
Lack of a legitimate voice in their own future; Hunger; Illiteracy; Neglect; No clear connection to wider community; Focus on selfishness (rather than clear sense of self) stronger than focus on community responsibility.

Speaking Topics:
A broad range of issues as they relate to the spectrum of social development.  

What would you tell the youth of Cayman today if you had a microphone in your hand and 60 seconds?

I would say that every individual has a special gift within them that can make their lives better and can make the world a better place.  I would remind them that they are loved and will continue to be loved until and even after they have the strength and courage to love themselves. I would tell them that they deserve to have the best that this life has to offer and they achieve this if they give of their best selves.  I would remind them that they are held to high standards and that once they adopt these standards for themselves they will achieve their full potential. I would remind them that their past does not dictate their future and that they can choose to create their own lives. I would also suggest that they adopt the Four Agreements popularized by Miguel Ruiz’ book of the same name.

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