Richard Christian

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Occupation: Banking

Place of Employment: Caledonian Securities Limited

imagePersonal details: Married with two children

What concerns/issues do you believe our youth are struggling with most?

I feel our youth our struggling with self-confidence, poor parenting in the home and positive role models that they can identify with.

Speaking Topics

  • Perseverance
  • Being yourself
  • Character/Integrity

What would you tell the youth of Cayman today if you had a microphone in your hand and 60 seconds?
"I would tell the youth of Cayman to just be themselves. We live in a world today that tells us and makes us feel that we have to fit in, rather than just being ourselves and standing out. It took me years to realise this, but we only reach our true potential in life by being ourselves. Despite our past, or family background, what people think or say about us, or our lack of education. we can still be successful. But in order to reach success we have to realise that it is not always instant, it is a journey that is filled with ups and downs, good times and bad times. The hidden secret to this journey is looking at obstacles in our life as opportunities and handling them with a positive attitude. Many of the experiences that we will go through and face in life are simply an attempt to develop our character on the Road2Success."

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