Tammy Ebanks

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Occupation: Civil Servant-Senior Policy Advisor for Gender Affairs

Other appointments/community service: Member of the Gender Equality Tribunal; Director of the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation.

imagePlace of Employment: Ministry of Community Affairs, Gender and Housing

Personal details: One son Ethan, age 12 .

I am passionate about issues of social justice and gender equality and have a keen interest in women’s and children’s rights. I enjoy writing, reading, travelling, and yoga.

What concerns/issues do you believe our youth are struggling with most?

A variety of competing issues. However the lack of dreaming concerns me most. We have not consistently instilled in our children the ability to dream, nor taught them how powerful the mind is. I once read, “You only need three things to make dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions; they are all you have and all you need.” If we could get our young people to realise the power of this statement and believe it, I think we would see a major change in our society.

Speaking Topics

Umbrella theme/sentiment : Follow your passion and do what makes you happy regardless of the gender barriers that may be before you (i.e. you can't do that because you're a girl or boy).

  • What is gender? How does gender shape the choices we make in life and in careers?
  • What are the effects of gender stereotypes?

What would you tell the youth of Cayman today if you had a microphone in your hand and 60 seconds?

"You have the power to create whatever life you want. Your thoughts are the most powerful thing that you possess, and they will shape how you look at life and what you achieve in life.

Never be afraid to follow your dreams and do whatever it is that you have a desire to do. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl, a boy, black, white, brown, Caymanian, non-Caymanian - you have the power to create whatever life you want if you believe in yourself." 

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