Tonya Mitchell

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Occupation: Business Consultant

Place of Employment: Glidden Meghoo Attorneys-at-Law

imagePersonal details: Married

What concerns/issues do you believe our youth are struggling with most?
Lack of Positive Personal Development

Speaking Topics:
Revolve around

  • Education: A Life-long Learning Process.

What would you tell the youth of Cayman today if you had a microphone in your hand and 60 seconds?

"Never give up on yourself no matter how dark a future you think you may have. Don’t look behind you because you cannot change the past. Assess where you are and make plans to make the next moment better. If you have a dream you must hold on to it, guard it and make it happen. And most importantly travel and learn about everything in the world that you can. Expand your mind and push the envelope with who and what you can become. Think of your life as a journey, a journey that you create with every step."

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