About YCLA

The History of the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards

For more than ten years, the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards (YCLA) has been presented to sell-out live audiences, with additional high viewership from the Cayman27 live telecast that continues to grow every year and receive rave reviews.

imageThe first YCLA, in 2000 was presented at the largest available indoor venue in Cayman, the event tent at the previous Hyatt Regency hotel. The 2001 YCLA was also held at the Hyatt tent, which many residents will remember being located just off the Britannia golf course. During those years, YCLA honoured recipients Mr. Olivaire Watler in 2000 and Mr. Dax Foster in 2001.

In 2002, the YCLA moved to a larger venue when the Governor’s ballroom was build at the Westin Casuarina Resort. The event continued to grow in popularity and attract an enthusiastic sell-out audience for three years at the Westin location. Recipients of the YCLA were Sara Collins in 2002, Steve Blair in 2003 and Cindy Scotland in 2004.

In 2005, following Hurricane Ivan, the YCLA honorary board made the decision to postpone the event for the year in respect for the needs of hurricane relief. Many young leaders emerged during that year and were celebrated, recognized and rewarded during the much-anticipated 2006 YCLA, at yet another new and larger venue.

The YCLA moved over to The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman for the 2006 awards ceremony and has remained at that location for the past five years. The live audience has increased from the maximum capacity of the Hyatt at 270 guests to a packed Ritz-Carlton ballroom filled with up to 520 guests.

In 2009, The YCLA celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary with “A Perfect Ten” and award the YCLA to Elroy Bryan. During the live telecast, the first Honorary YCLA was presented in honour of the leadership of Estella Scott-Roberts.

For more than a decade, the YCLA has worked to keep the island’s youth on track by providing them with excellent role models with whom they can identify. This has been accomplished by involving the community who have partnered with us by way of identifying and helping to celebrate the lives of those young persons who instinctively “walk the walk and talk the talk”. By showcasing these wonderful young people, our point is made and the finalist will continue the dialogue via public appearances throughout the year.