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A Message From Our Director Jackie Hansen

Rekindling Cayman’s Cultural Capital

Jackie Hansen - YCLA CaymanLast year, when we first shared our vision of a new way to amplify the voices of the YCLA Alumni, it was met with great enthusiasm by a wide cross-section of the community. With that encouragement, we unveiled the initiative at the 2012 YCLA Awards celebration, and then got to work. Today, thanks to the support of our sponsors and the community, and most importantly, to the YCLA Alumni who embraced the idea, The Young Caymanian Speakers Bureau is born.

Now, more than ever, we see a critical need for this expanded reach into the community – an inspiring way to emphasise and reinforce the positive messages that are just waiting to be expressed by the best and the brightest young voices our Islands have to offer. These young leaders, who stand as examples no matter where in our community they may find themselves, are poised and ready to bring their personal stories of hope – including their struggles and ultimate success – to those who need it most, our young people. Navigating through a complex world that seems to say "anything goes," Cayman's youth will hear in the voices of our speakers, a message that resonates with them, something that reminds them of who they are, that it is special to be Caymanian, and that their culture is rooted in the age-old, time-tested Christian values upon which this society was built. Our belief is that we can build again on that foundation, and rekindle a passion for those principles, by showing the way, giving a fresh voice to these remarkable young leaders who are committed to "Being the Difference Now!" As this new programme takes hold, we look forward to a developing a more active dialogue with the community, reaching out to more and more young people via this site, and becoming a clearing house of resources, wisdon, insight and opportunities... to make a difference by being the difference. Thanks to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone!

With thanks,

Jackie Hansen