A Message from Roy McTaggart

Jackie Hansen - YCLA CaymanWhen I was approached last year by the Foundation to enquire about my willingnes to take over the helm of the YCLA Board,  I felt  honoured and excited, but I also knew that I would have big shoes to fill. With the departure of David Foster, the YCLA Board's beloved past Chairman, whose memory is still very much with us today, the challenge was on to take the organisation to new heights. Believing strongly in the mission and purpose of the programme, I enthusiatically accepted the task.

Today, I am pleased to say that, thanks to all of you in the community who support us, 2013 is turning out to be a wonderful year for the YCLA! We are both proud and deeply grateful to see so many of our best and brightest alumni step into their newly-expanded roles as Charter Members of Young Caymanian Speakers Bureau. With this exciting new initiative, they will amplify the voice and message of the Foundation, reaching more young people than ever before. The messages are many, but they interlock to form a vision of hope, to put forward the living the proof that there is a better way, a path that can be chosen to a healthy lifestyle and a brighter future. As crime is on the increase not only in our Islands but across the region, we must embrace innovative programmes such as this. Our voices must rise above those of the many negative forces preying upon our youth today. With your help, we feel certain that they can.

By reaching out to a larger audience, we can already see a new light shining in our community, and many inspiring voices saying, "Come forward, let's take the lead, and make these Islands the place they deserve to be, for this generation and the many to come."

Thank you for your support.

YCLA In the community